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Remote Work and Its Possible Issues: Part 1

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

The sudden shift towards remote work shows no signs of dying down. The pandemic gave an enormous opportunity for cybercriminals everywhere. The increase in cybersecurity needs for companies has always been there, but COVID-19 took everything to a new level.

When it Comes to Security, There are Some Concerns.

What remote has done has created a million entry points for hackers to successfully breach a company's network, known as an "attack surface" increase. At the same time, there's no doubt that the pandemic has caused an immense change, putting the onus on everyone from business owners to employees to always be on the lookout.

Threats Can Be on The Inside

Researchers have found that disgruntled employees are as a threat as deadly hackers. As a virtual one replaces the physical office space, a growing "insider threat" infects many firms. Cybersecurity company Proofpoint's study found that as COVID-19 lingers, these "insider threats" continue to grow in frequency and cost.

Carelessness and general negligence tend to be the leading cause of most data breaches. Some employees might be malicious, and others may not care one bit. This carelessness can total $500,000, up to $22.68 million, whether malicious or thoughtless.

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