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Michael Paulyn


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About Me

Hi, I'm Michael! 👋

✏️I'm a remote copywriter, content marketer, and storyteller at heart.


🚀As a copywriter and technical marketing writer, I'm always looking to simplify the world of tech, one blog at a time.

🍁I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada. Over the last several years, I've had the opportunity to live in China for two years and visit over 15+ countries.  

📚 Since then, I've been steadily trying to learn Mandarin Chinese as a long-term goal.

🏫While in college, I completed an associate degree in Criminology and Law and a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from Langara College.

👨‍💻When it comes to remote work and technology, I'm obsessed. As a remote copywriter, I specialize in writing about topics within blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity.

📊Over the years, I've been able to work with so many stellar companies and discuss highly complex topics. I've continuously refined my writing while learning about some fascinating pieces of technology.

💻Being a remote content creator has allowed me to work with some genuinely unique companies and share their incredible stories with their target audience, something that many marketing strategies tend to overlook.

🤖Over the last few years, I've also been working on some personal projects:

⭐️🛸 I've developed a website called debbah., a database containing all the world's remote job boards, distance education platforms, and resources; to learn more, head there now!

⭐️🛸 Another project I've been working on is syburr, a library website of some of the most wicked tech projects and websites. 
⭐️🛸 I research and blog about blockchain and cybersecurity four times a week. To check out my blogs, go here!
⭐️🛸 At the moment, I'm working on two passion projects, the first being EH-3, a technical Web3, and stoik AI, which examines the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. 

🥅My goal as a remote copywriter and tech enthusiast is to simplify the world of tech around concepts in blockchain tech and topics on cybersecurity.

👾Are you interested in possibly working together? Feel free to reach out via my contact page; let's chat

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