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My Journey to Working Remotely

Remote work seems to be sticking around; understanding how this new way of working can benefit oneself is a huge advantage. Below, I discuss my experience and how I got hooked on working remotely.

How I Fell into The Idea of Working Remotely

About four years ago, in 2017, I was on my way to completing my business degree in marketing management; and was eager to graduate.

I was finishing an internship with the Canadian government, part of my work experience requirements for graduation. Initially, I intended to return to school, grind out my last few semesters and get my diploma.

Life, however, had different ideas on this matter. The saying, "if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans," comes to mind when I think of this point in my life.

Moving To China

This opportunity allowed me to move to Northeastern China for one year in Weifang in Shandong province while completing two more internships. This opportunity seemed terrific (and incredibly terrifying), and I immediately jumped at the chance of agreeing to sign up (also a story for another time).

I was lucky enough to complete my first year there and was invited back for another ten months. During this second period, I began to feel that I needed to find more experience in the marketing sector, as I was always teaching English.

I felt graduation would soon be approaching, and I needed experience. This feeling of needing to find more experience became a bit of a stressor for me. Of course, I later realized I had learned so much from living in China, in a city where virtually no one had ever seen a foreigner of any kind, let alone could speak English.

Over two years, I researched everything related to working remotely. From what kind of work was available, who was hiring, what jobs/internships/apprenticeships were open, and what people said were the pros and cons of working remotely.

2020 Brought Some Big Changes

Then COVID-19 hit, and many people had to deal with this pandemic and remote work whether they wanted to. Every business was looking to transfer their business to remote work to survive the storm overnight. Fast forward to 2020, I completed several apprenticeships and have been lucky to have those into contract job opportunities.

One of the things I learned about what I want is that I enjoy the freedom working from home provides. I have been lucky to find jobs that offer flexible schedules, and you aren't stuck on a strict 9 to 5 deal.

No doubt, working remotely, you need to be on the ball and highly organized; no one will get after you if you decide to take a nap or watch a "quick movie."

But the idea of freedom has got me hooked on working remotely.

Freedom is the word that rings in my head.

Some Last Thoughts

Taking my work with me wherever I go and calling home is almost too good. As my life changes and becomes crazier, my work will gel and fit into my life, rather than my life having to mesh with my work schedule and deadlines.

Hungry for more? Join me each week, where I'll break down complex topics and dissect the latest news within the cybersecurity industry and blockchain ecosystem, simplifying the world of tech.

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Apr 22, 2023

What an interesting story. I think one of the key elements in your journey has been the internships. I wonder if you knew any Chinese when you moved to China? Either way, it sounds exciting!

- Diana N.

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