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Infamous North Korean Hacker Group, Focusing on Mac Users Interested in Crypto Jobs

The infamous North Korean hacker group, Lazarus Group, is focused on using malware against unsuspecting mac users interested in applying for crypto jobs. This recent campaign by the state-sponsored unit works to use decoy job advertisements for positions with the cryptocurrency-exchange firm Crypto dot com.

This "project' has been allegedly named Operation In(ter)caption, part of a much larger campaign dubbed Operation Dream Job. At the moment, the precise distribution vector for all malware isn't known; however, there are suspicions that most victims are contacts through direct messages on sites like LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, these attacks aren't uncommon, as Lazarus Group has a long history of executing various cyberattacks on cryptocurrency platforms and blockchain websites. Almost always, they intend to access networks using unauthorized means and to finally steal massive amounts of money and crypto before the victims are any the wiser.

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