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How Web3 Could Help Spread Democracy Worldwide

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

The future of democracy for some time has been in question, with a pandemic and outbreaks of violent wars against peaceful people. Talks about Web3, which look at how our existing internet could be democratized, have been a consistently hot topic, but discussions have started to creep into unexpected areas.

One of these entirely unexpected spaces was how Web3 could be the catalyst that spreads democracy across the globe. Many experts in tech and political arenas believe that Web3 "could reinvigorate democratic values at both the internet and the societal levels."

The basic argument is that the power of the internet would cause the world to be far more connected. People everywhere would have access to a massive amount of information. This information would be the key to giving power back to the people, resulting in a future for generations that is more equitable, inclusive, and better for everyone worldwide.

Web3 would harness blockchain technology, making the internet decentralized and helping to fight government crackdowns, suppression, and oppression against the freedom of information.

Web3 would take the "one person, one vote" model and make it a reality. The future could be where everyone had equal say and power over society's governed and run.

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