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When It Comes to the Metaverse, OMNIYA Changes Everything

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Background on Pixel Canvas

The background of Pixel Canvas is that this company has taken the browser-based experience and transplanted it into a revolutionary 3D interactive world.

Combining video game backgrounds with stimulating special effects makes this world insane. This virtual reality has helped many global brands carve their spots out in the metaverse, helping them move in this new tech space.

More on PureWeb

PureWeb uses the cloud for distribution in the enterprise space for 3D metaverse platforms. What's unique about PureWeb is its ability to captivate architectural visualizations, digital twins, and internal collaboration focused on leading the way to commercial applications for the metaverse.

OMNIYA Release

As of June 2022, a new metaverse, OMNIYA, is set to be released. The metaverse concept looks like it'll reach new heights without slowing down. Whether you're an individual or a business looking to increase brand awareness, OMNIYA looks exciting.

PureWeb's CEO, James Henry, explains, "The PureWeb Reality platform makes it easier than ever for brands and businesses to develop and distribute high-quality metaverse experiences at scale."

Henry then points out, "Our platform is a critical infrastructure layer to the metaverse, and we are both proud and excited to be part of Pixel Canvas' groundbreaking OMNIYA metaverse."

OMNIYA is so different because it fuses some aspects of social media, touches of video games, and stuff like NFTs in one neat little package. Interestingly, this new take on what the metaverse could mean for things like how people connect, and businesses market themselves is what is exacting.

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