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What Is Shadow IT, And Why Is It So Risky?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Shadow IT is the process by which users work to use unauthorized technology resources to skirt around their IT department firewalls and security. Some users do 'Shadow IT' practices if they feel these company IT policies are too restrictive or hurt how effective they can be at their job.

Like most things, even cyberattacks borrow from the early 2000s for inspiration. Over the years, Shadow IT came about when companies didn't yet trust Wi-Fi because they felt there were too many risks of possible breaches. On the other hand, many employees began seeing the benefits of going wireless and looked for new ways to access this cutting-edge technology.

Think of Shadow IT like riding a bike with no helmet; the wind rushes through your hair, and it is better. But there are risks; if you fall, you could seriously hurt your head and possibly put yourself at risk for long-term health problems.

Shadow IT's like that, using applications or tools the company doesn't authorize, but employees see them as making their lives easier until a breach or massive cyberattack occurs.

As remote work becomes the norm, Shadow IT continues to grow and becomes an even bigger problem for many companies, and it should be interesting to see what the future holds.

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