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UNITBOX - The Pioneering Rent2Earn Collateral-Free Protocol Based on the Revenue Sharing Model

A Short Back Story

As a platform leading the way for "Rent-To-Earn," UNITBOX is revolutionizing what it means for users to hold on to NFTs. While UNITBOX's main objective is to help lower barriers for start-ups looking to enter the blockchain gaming scene, UNITBOX DAO is also working on improving productivity conditions for the wider gaming industry.

What makes UNITBOX, so incredibly unique is how this cutting-edge platform allows DeFi stakeholders to work together and make some serious gains using the Rent-to-Earn model. The perfect blend of being the first to combine custody-free rent2earn protocol and the very first case study to apply wrapped NFT (wNFT) tech to real-world applications.

By allowing NFT owners to easily exchange their NFTS with other players for management and then share in the gains made, both players can reap massive rewards by letting their digital assets do all the work. Gone are the days when NFTs would sit idle in a wallet, not doing anything or growing in value.

By developing a tokenomic design, UNITBOX's native cryptocurrency, UNIT is entirely stakeable for users. Players can lock their assets and share 15% of the platform's payment volume. UNITBOX now has 50,000 NFT investors, ten gaming guilds, and 30,000 players that show no signs of slowing down. People have taken notice of such a new take on NFTs and rent2earn.

As of the end of Q2 2022, UNITBOX has since refined its main website UX design, released its rental protocol, and is now working on structuring a two-phase token sale of its cryptocurrency, UNIT. At the end of 2022, the entire platform should be completely live and running, with UNIT tokens soon to be listed by CEXes and DEXes on various top-level blockchains.

Backed by Some Big Players

Around the middle of 2021, many NFT holders were already able to lease out their digital assets to celebrities, famous athletes, and massive global gaming guilds. These NFT owners were then able to receive daily payouts for these third parties using their virtual collectible asset, essentially giving them a new form of entirely passive income, thanks to the ingenuity of UNITBOX.

While more and more users in the NFT global community began to learn about this type of passive income that could harness the power of NFTs, news spread like wildfire. It comes down to "Wrapped NFT" or wNFT, a technical tool allowing the seamless transfer and renting of digital assets between users and borrowers, which includes some fees. With wNFTs, owners can revoke their collectible at any given time, making all terms and possibilities of lending entirely flexible and fluid, unlike anything ever seen.

As the popularity of UNITBOX's rent2earn collateral-free protocol based on the revenue sharing model continues to grow, this revolutionary technology is being hailed by some major players in the blockchain space.

With Binance's Hackathon ranking UNITBOX in its top three, UNITBOX is turning some heads with Polygon (MATIC), Rarible (RARI), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) all taking notice. These major players see the potential opportunities that lay in store and jump in feet first. The future is looking friendly.

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