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The Top 4 Best Entry Level Cybersecurity Certifications: Every Employer is Looking for in 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Cybersecurity certifications are perfect for anyone looking to break into a career in cybersecurity. Forbes found that 96% of IT leaders see cybersecurity certificates as a definite form of value-added.

Hundreds of certificates are available; the tricky part can be picking the right option for you and your future career. Here are the top 4 entry-level cybersecurity certificates out there.

The Top 4 Best Entry Level Cybersecurity Certifications

Below are the top 4 entry-level cybersecurity certificates on the market. Take a look and see the best fit for you and your future goals.

1. CompTIA Security+

One of the most well-known and respected cybersecurity certificates out there, the CompTIA Security+ certification is seen as the industry standard for all entry-level certifications in the tech sphere; with no prerequisites, this is ideal for anyone looking to get their foot in the door.

Crafted by such organizations as Netflix and John Hopkins University and officially approved by the US Department of Defense, this certificate is a valuable asset for any company. Perfect for anyone contemplating transitioning their working career and life.

2. (ISC)2 SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner)

The cybersecurity association and industry consistently recognize the (ISC)2 as the cream of the crop for certifications. The security-certified practitioner is great for entry-level cybersecurity professionals looking to break into the tech sector.

Students will learn from top industry leaders in cybersecurity surrounding best practices and skills needed to maintain an organization's sensitive assets and technical infrastructure. This course also focuses heavily on IT infrastructure, which is ideal for anyone looking to become an IT administrator in their career.

3. GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

The GSEC is another well-known entry-level certification perfect for entry-level and mid-career security experts. This cybersecurity course covers domains, penetration testing, and forensics. The GSEC will run you $2,499 when taking the exam, one of the most specific of all the courses but a great option.


The CSX-P is a reasonably new certification from the ISACA, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, one of the world's top cybersecurity associations.

This course is for students to test the framework set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It's a performance-based certification where students must solve incidents across the network in real-time.

Picking the Right Cybersecurity Certification

It is time to pick your next career move and what education you might need. Below are the top two considerations that are key when making your decision when it comes to the correct certification:

Deciding on Your Future in Cybersecurity

As you enter and pass through the many stages of your career in cybersecurity, it's essential to take stock of where your strengths and interests lie. When finalizing your area of focus, you'll pick something suitable and valuable to many different companies, something firms everywhere will pay handsomely.

It's All About Time and Money

Whatever cybersecurity certification you pick, none of them come cheap. These programs cost a pretty penny (to be honest, thousands of dollars) minus costs for examinations, so it's key to consider how much you can afford.

All these programs come with hours of study, time in classes, and dedication to finish your selected program if you can take your time to make your final decision.

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