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Potential Applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI): Part 2

Artificial Intelligence could change life as we know it and make the world more equitable, giving those who don't need a boost to better their lives. The future is already here; we only need to harness it. This blog looks at some facts about artificial intelligence, what potential applications are available, and how they could affect you.

The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

Some of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world, the likes of Toyota, Audi, Ford, Honda, and many others (and Tesla, obviously), are all working on getting their vehicles to a new level. Engineers are trying to get artificial intelligence to the same level as the human brain; taking our cars into a new state is where accidents can be detected before they happen.

Spam Filters

Future email accounts will use AI to help filter out spam messages, phishing scams, and anything that looks unsavory. Email providers like Gmail have a filtration rate of 99.9 percent, which is impressive.

Facial Recognition Applications

The tech gadgets we rely on daily will eventually operate on facial recognition from our mobile phones, laptops, and even desktops; it's coming soon. Facial recognition benefits this technology and safeguards sensitive assets in high-security areas.

Everyday Platforms

Whether it's e-Commerce platforms, entertainment websites, social media, or video-sharing websites, user data is to help of artificial intelligence, which is crucial in helping increase sales and engagement and personalize the customer experience.

Navigation of the Future

Artificial Intelligence will take what we know as GPS technology and completely change how it functions and operates. With the help of Convolutional Neural networks and Graph Neural Networks, users will make locating roads, lanes, and buildings a million times easier.


So many movies show robots taking over the world as they've become more thoughtful and think independently. This potential rise of the robots could be a reality, minus the world takeover; AI will give robots the power to sense objects in their pathway and rework a new direction. Areas such as hospitals, factories, and warehouses can use these robots to work around the clock; no breaks are necessary.

Human Resource Management

With the help of AI, most of the hiring for new jobs will be by software rather than people. AI will be able to review an applicant's resume, profile, and anything else very efficiently and timely.

Better Care in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, AI will change everything for the better. The power of AI will detect diseases, identify cancer cells, and help rehab patients quickly. Artificial intelligence software will be able to change what it means to seek medical care; people will be able to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Changes in Agriculture

AI and agriculture, a match made it h,eaven. Using AI, farmers can detect soil erosion and nutrient deficiencies, ensuring crops don't suffer. AI bots will harvest crops faster than human workers, letting robots do the back-breaking jobs.

A Gaming Evolution

The gaming sector will see massive changes with the help of AI; gaming will be more innovative, better, and human-like bots to battle against players.

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