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Neopets Enters the Metaverse with the Latest Version Release

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

It seems like ages ago, but Neopets were all the rage at one point in time; it seems that enthusiasm is making a comeback. The virtual pet website announced that it's working on its latest product, the Neopets Metaverse.

This project will make Neopets Metaverse a play-and-earn platform, with users still having the chance to pick from some of the most classic Neopet options. This new game will provide users with the Neopet experience they've come to love while adding exciting new features. These additional features include an immersive metaverse, collectible NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

The Neopets company stated in their announcement that "Neopets Metaverse alpha offers a nostalgic, dynamic, and enhanced gameplay experience in an exciting new Web3 format." This release targets those hardcore Neopet fans while reaching out to a more global audience in hopes of expanding the Neopet community.

The Chief Metaverse Officer for Neopets Metaverse, Dominic Law, said, "behind the story of Neopets is a strong and supportive community of players who have also grown with the Neopets brand, diligently holding onto the nostalgia attached to it. Whether you're a player who traversed the world of Neopia in the early Y2K days or someone who has joined us recently, we are excited to invite you on an epic adventure within Neopets Metaverse and the web3 space."

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