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Many Security Experts Say Beware of 2 Main Client-Side Risks Linked to Data Exfiltration and Loss

Some cybersecurity experts are sharing warnings to beware of two main client-side risks linked to data exfiltration and loss. The first is incorrectly placed trackers on websites and web apps and malicious client-side code from third-party repositories like NPM.

Although these improperly placed trackers aren't always intentionally malicious, this presents a growing problem regarding data privacy. This concern is especially true regarding compliance and regulatory matters that deal with HIPAA or PCI DSS 4.0.

A recent study done by Newsweek found that Facebook trackers on about one-third of all hospital websites in the United States. This results in Facebook and Zuckerberg being able to access some sensitive personal medical data whenever users click the "schedule appointment" button.

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