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LG Electronics is Looking to Join the Blockchain Game with its New Crypto Wallet

The South Korean tech giant, LG Electronics, is looking to break into the crypto game with its latest launch of a new crypto wallet app called "Wallypto." LG sees this new release as a step into giving the firm's business portfolio a fresh new facelift that's historically been heavy in the hardware sector.

This innovative new wallet application will let LG dip its toe into crypto and act as a gateway into the overall blockchain and NFT world. LG shared an announcement stating that "it is also expected to actively create synergy effects by combining blockchain technology with existing flagship businesses such as home appliances and electric fields."

Furthermore, LG explained that "after going through the final verification process to catch system errors, it is likely to be released in the third quarter at the earliest or within the year at the latest."

The new Wallypto will be powered by the Hashgraph blockchain and supported by Hedera HTS tokens and is expected to be compatible with other cryptocurrencies in the future.

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