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In Uzbekistan, Crypto Miners are Using Solar Power to Get the Job Done

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Recently, in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan, a presidential decree announced that crypto miners could begin using solar power to mine for cryptocurrencies. However, this new law would exempt all domestic and foreign crypto operations from paying income tax.

A report from Reuters states that the Tashkent government is hoping miners will be able to generate power from their crypto farms with the help of solar panels. Furthermore, the government has permitted these mining firms to connect to the local power grid, doubling the price.

What's more interesting is that Uzbekistan's neighbor, Kazakhstan, has taken a harsh, zero-tolerance approach to crypto mining. The Kazakh government is working on cracking down on crypto mining and associated operations, stating that such activities strain the power grid, which uses outdated coal power plants.

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