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In The News: Goldman Sachs $125 Billion Bet on Fighting Cyberattacks

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In the last twelve months, dozens of companies are beginning to invest serious money into cybersecurity, and the realization is beginning to hit that this will only continue. The American US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's Strategic Funds will use $525 million for cellphone protection through the vendor Zimperium; now that's some serious cash.

The US federal government isn't the only one making significant investments in protecting themselves, and the banks are too. In particular, Goldman Sachs has made a massive $125 million bet regarding their new strategic enterprise partner, Fortress Facts Security. This corporation is responsible for safeguarding about 40% of the American power grid nationwide.

Fortress Facts Security is the leader in the protection ratchet, considered the number one industry provider from coast to coast regarding cybersecurity. What Fortress is known for and its reputation shows that maybe times are changing within the business world, and big and small companies are finally taking notice.

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