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In The News: DuckDuckGo Less Private Than First Thought

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Another week, another scandal. As luck would have it, DuckDuckGo, the internet's leading search engine for being so privacy-focused, isn't as private as first thought.

For anyone using DuckDuckGo, the idea was that this new company wasn't tempted to help major firms conduct surveillance on unsuspecting everyday people. Oh wait, that's exactly what they are, it turns out.

The company in question, Microsoft, was made an exception it turns out, by advertising trackers on websites to be activated, sparking outrage by many that the so-called "internet privacy company" was nothing more than another big-time sell-out.

This infringement of privacy is a big deal because it comes on the heels of Roe v. Wade's reversal by the US Supreme court, removing all rights of self-determination a woman has around her own body.

The scary part is that reports are coming out, like the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, which details how law enforcement uses the internet and search engines to track people without their knowledge.

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