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In the Ever-Growing Web3 Industry, NFTs are Becoming More of a Vital Ingredient Part 3

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Many people think NFTs are the secret ingredient that will be the key to toppling the giants in the music industry. But the truth is that this will take years to begin to materialize. Currently, many labels are harnessing NFTs as a new way to garner more attention, and some feel that NFTs will eventually take shape as Trojan Horse.

These thoughts come from Gino the Ghost, a music writer and producer who operates under the pseudonym and has dived deep into the sea of NFTs. With experience writing for some big names, such as Chainsmokers in Hollywood, Gino believes that the potential for NFTs comes down to what Web3 will permit.

It comes down to whether major music producers will notice sooner than later that they’re like lobsters cooked alive, with the heat slowly increasing. The music industry, in the words of Gino the Ghost, is much like “fast fashion, how there’s a lot of it, and then it’s gone.” Essentially, music combined with NFTs will likely look great on the outside, but when you get to the heart of it, there’s no natural substance.

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