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In the Ever-Growing Web3 Industry, NFTs are Becoming More of a Vital Ingredient Part 2

There are many real-world examples; the web3 industry is becoming more about application than just those dreaming up fantastical ideas with no follow through. A great example is the platform SAN, a brand-new "listen-to-earn" NFT platform. The difference with SAN is that users get lifetime access and can use SAN's hardware for an incredible listening experience.

The founders of this ambitious project aim to resolve one of the longest-withstanding issues in the music industry. Which is "how listeners can find new musicians they've never heard of while fairly compensating those who create the music"; with SAN, that question might finally have an answer.

One of the tactics that SAN is applying to reward its users while also maintaining user privacy is providing listeners with high-quality headphones. These headphones are the work of David Leung, the creative genius who developed the design of Beats by Dr. Dre, which so many have come to love.

This initiative takes a long-term approach that focuses on grabbing a sizeable chunk of the music-listening audience and ensuring high user retention, something many companies need to pay more attention to if they wish to stick around.

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