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In an Attempt to Catch Cybercriminals, UK National Crime Agency Creates Fake DDoS-For-Hire Sites

The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) announced it developed an intricate network of false DDoS-for-hire websites to penetrate the underground world of cyber criminals. Following this announcement, the NCA released a statement that read, "all of the NCA-run sites, which several thousand people have so far accessed, have been created to look like they offer the tools and services that enable cybercriminals to execute these attacks."

These fake DDoS-for-hire websites functioned by allowing users to register, but once complete, investigators collected their personal information instead of giving access to cybercrime tools. This campaign was an international effort known as “Operation PowerOFF,” which was done in partnership with the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Europol to dismember the DDos-for-hire global infrastructure.

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