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Hot Off the Press: Update Your Windows OS and Chrome Browser

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

This past June saw a ton of software updates across many platforms, many of which fixed some major weak points and vulnerabilities. It was a busy month for many of these major tech firms from companies such as Google and Microsoft. Here's more on these new updates and what they might mean for you as a user.


The first of many, Microsoft fixed 55 flaws in many of its products, addressing issues such as exploited remote code execution (RCE) issue in Windows dubbed "Follina," which, as it turns out, the company was already aware of since May.

This RCE, known as "Follina," works to further undermine weak software points within the Windows Operating Diagnostic tool. Eventually, it can silently execute a breach and open sensitive documents without notifying the user or network, which is popular among state-sponsored attackers.

Google Chrome

For Google, software updates are coming non-stop and fast. With the world's most popular web browser being one of the biggest targets for cyberattacks, it's no wonder. As of June 2022, Google released Chrome 103 with patches for 14 vulnerabilities; many were quite severe.

Google Android

Regarding Android, there were a good number of security issues Google was able to seal up as of June 2022. The most critical is a vulnerability in the system component that could lead to hackers conducting a remote code execution without additional execution privileges.

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