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Here are The Top Cybersecurity Terms You Should Know for 2023 Part 1

Here are the critical cybersecurity terms to know for 2023; the difference between knowing and not knowing can be the key to avoiding a devastating breach.

1. Authentication

Authentication is the process of confirming a user's identity; the objective here is to ensure that breaches don't occur by unauthorized personnel. The authentication process is accomplished using a password, retina scan, fingerprint scan, or sometimes a blend of each.

2. Botnet

The term botnet comes from mixing the words "robot" with " network," a network of computers that some virus has infected don't. These computers then work to create as many data breaches as possible by following the virus's instructions. Typically, a botnet can take the form of Bitcoin mining, sending out spam emails, and DDoS attacks.

3. Data Breach

A data breach is an event that occurs when a hacker is successful in accessing a network and then retrieving any sensitive data. The information cybercriminals focus on ranges from credit card and bank account numbers, and much more.

4. DDoS

DDoS stands for "Distributed Denial of Service," a favorite for many black hat hackers looking to make off quickly with important information or money. A DDoS works because the cybercriminal will bombard a website with overwhelming malicious traffic, forcing the website to crash. The website owners are usually met with a ransom they must pay to get their website back up and running.

5. Cyber Domain

A cyber domain, different than a website domain which acts as an address, is a network of computers and associated devices. These devices can range from routers, printers, and scanners), all connected as one entity.

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