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Here are Some of the Most Common Online Threats Affecting Seniors: Part 2

The internet can be terrifying for those new and still learning the ins and outs of technology. This fact can be especially true for the elderly, who can be susceptible to scams and online threats. This blog looks at several easy ways to protect yourself online; read on to learn more.

Make Sure You Have Installed a Strong Antivirus Program

As one of the easiest ways to stay safe online, " you’re using a solid antivirus software program." Many of these antivirus programs have built-in protection from malware and viruses, stopping hackers from breaching your device in real time.

Always Go to The Source

It’s common to find thIt'syou'reackers use pop-up windows, email links, text messages, and websites to pressure victims into handing over sensitive information or money.

These cybercriminals make these types of communication look as close to the real thing as possible. If you’re unsure about what you’ve received, contact the company directly and don’t respond or click on something suspicious.

Only Access Secure Websites

Any websites that start with “with is essential“HTTensuring" S://” is secure. Next to the website address, there will be a little padlock that shows the link you're accessing is safe and you're accessing an encrypted web connection. This symbol shows that the website is using a secure encrypted TLS connection.

Stay Away from Pirate Websites

It's never a good idea to download or torrent any movies, music, or TV shows free from the web, no matter how tempting it can get. These websites are generally unsafe; files can have malicious software hidden within the code.

Make Sure You Use Different Passwords

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe on the web is to use multiple passwords and ensure each is unique and complex with symbols, numbers, and differently-cased letters.

Double-check You're Systems Always Updated

It's a good idea to check that your computer and all software are updated regularly; this can ensure you're always safe and secure.

If You Need, Ask for Some Help

Whether your computer is running slower than usual or receiving weird notifications, asking for help from a trusted family member or friend never hurts.

Hungry for more? Join me each week, where I'll break down complex topics and dissect the latest news within the cybersecurity industry and blockchain ecosystem, simplifying the tech world.

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