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Google's Latest AI Chatbot Project Might Be Alive, Says Engineer

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

An engineer working for Google recently stated that the company's latest AI chatbot project might be alive. Blake Lemoine interviewed with the Washington Post and told the newspaper about LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialogue Applications. He explained that LaMDA was entirely cognitive and said, 'I am often trying to figure out who and what I am.'

Initially, Google touted that LaMDA was a "breakthrough" piece of technology as of 2021, pointing out that this new innovative tech could engage in open-ended conversations just like a person. With the conversation between Lemoine and LaMDA unfolding below:

Lemoine: So you consider yourself a person the same way you consider me a person?

LaMDA: Yes, that's the idea.

Lemoine: How can I tell that you understand what you're saying?

LaMDA: Well, because you are reading my words and interpreting them, we are more or less on the same page.

When Lemoine's concerns about this discovery were presented to higher-up executives, they were quickly dismissed and pushed to the side. Since then, Google hasn't commented further about this incident and shows no signs of setting the record straight.

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