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Google Releases a Fresh Version of the Chrome Browser to Fix Yet Another Zero-Day Flaw

The global tech giant Google announced that its out-of-band security update was ready to be fixed and patch up a current vulnerability zero-day weak point in its Chrome web browser. The vulnerability with the highest security-rated flaw, CVE-2022-4262, uses a specific "confusion bug" type within the V8 JavaScript engine.

These confusion bugs aim to weaponize cybercriminals' weak points and vulnerabilities to perform out-of-bounds memory access. This also includes attempting to cause a crash and arbitrary code execution. In a recent NIST's National Vulnerability Database statement, these flaws allow "remote attackers to potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page."

It's highly recommended that users of "Chromium-based" browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi, should all take the necessary precautions to apply the appropriate fixes to their browsers once they become available.

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