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Experts find Potential Wiretapping Bugs in Google Smart Speakers

Recently a cybersecurity researcher was awarded $107,500 for finding some critical security issues in Google smart speakers, preventing hackers from inputting wiretapping devices into the units. These findings uncovered what experts state would have "allowed an attacker within wireless proximity to install a 'backdoor' account on the device, enabling them to send commands to it remotely over the internet, access its microphone feed, and make arbitrary HTTP requests within the victim's LAN."

These vulnerabilities could allow hackers access to Wi-Fi passwords and devices on that specific network. Cybercriminals could then eavesdrop and listen in on private conversations in a person's home without the victims being any the wiser.

One of the lead researchers shared that "the only thing the victim may notice is that the device's LEDs turn solid blue, but they'd probably assume it's updating the firmware or something. During a call, the LEDs do not pulse like they normally do when the device listens, so there is no indication that the microphone is open."

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