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Cybersecurity News: Russia's Darknet Marketplace, Hydra, Responsible for Shutting Off German

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In April 2022, German authorities announced that they shut down several servers in its infrastructure due to attacks from the Russian darknet marketplace, Hydra. This recent cyberattack cost German banks $25.2 million in lost Bitcoin, as Germany's Federal Crime Police Office (BKA) told.

Russia's notorious darknet marketplace, Hydra, is ground zero for anyone looking to score illicit drugs, stolen credit card info, counterfeit cash, fake government documents, and anything illegal. This marketplace is known for catering to Russia's criminal elite and neighboring countries.

This crème de la crème of bad guys, known as the "Treasure," is the wheeler-dealers who push these drugs, ill-gotten items, and fake money and make a profit. Elusive to capture, these big fish hide their geo-tagged pickup locations, making it difficult for police to make an arrest.

Currently, the German government is conducting a thorough investigation into these "unknown operators and administrators" of Hydra, who are always looking to make a profit, no matter what. Many government authorities have been researching the Hydra marketplace since August 2021, many of which have come up with little to no tangible results.

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