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Continued: More Shadow IDs and Reporting

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

As it turns out, reporting on Shadow IDs and networking monitoring tend to miss the mark. Most network monitoring only works on checking and scanning for any malicious traffic that could lead to deadly data breaches.

The truth is companies are flying blind when it comes to actual logins, meaning they can't tell the difference between browsing, private accounts, and corporate app activity, which use sign-ups (and then there are phishing scams thrown in for good measure). Many IT departments lack the means to monitor at an account level and a trusted way to process all activity.

But there is hope; Scirge, a browser-based tool, quickly reveals all Shadow IT and Shadow IDs, giving the company network a massive boost in cyber-hygiene. The benefit here is that the IT department can manage all password activity and third-party business web accounts with the added advantage look after all employee education and awareness in real-time.

By harnessing the powers of Scirge, and tools like it, IT departments can proactively prevent the possibility of employees falling victim to phishing scams and sharing sensitive company data. Here, the power lies in knowing how to prepare beforehand rather than react, making all the difference.

Hungry for more? Join me each week, where I'll break down complex topics and dissect the latest news within the cybersecurity industry and blockchain ecosystem, simplifying the tech world.

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