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Brand-New Backdoor Developed with Help from Leaked CIA's Hive Malware Found in the Wild

Recently, several unknown cybercriminals have been working to deploy a new backdoor. This new malware uses CIA Hive, a multi-platform malware suite that harnesses the power of source code from the November 2017 leak.

Alex Turing and Hui Wang of Qihoo Netlab 360s shared in a technical report that "this is the first time we caught a variant of the CIA Hive attack kit in the wild, and we named it xdr33 based on its embedded Bot-side certificate CN=xdr33."

The attack kit, xdr33, can covertly exploit some unspecified N-day security vulnerabilities in F5 appliances. This kit conducts this function using a command-and-control (C2) server using SSL with fake Kaspersky certificates.

Essentially the goal is to gather as much sensitive information as possible and act as a springboard for future breachers; this new backdoor has new C2 instructions and capabilities to conduct such breaches successfully.

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