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Australian Federal Police Force Contemplate Establishing First-Ever Crypto Unit

In Australia, the government has launched a brand-new task force within the Australian Federal Police to handle crimes within the digital currency sphere. According to some recent results, this new unit has seized over $600 million in assets, an ever-growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Stefan Jerga, the National Manager of this new AFP unit, explains that "the environment was such that we felt a standalone team [was required], rather than many officers picking up some of this skill set as part of their overall role. So, we've now got a dedicated team that continues to grow."

Jerga then goes on to share, "It's targeting assets, but it's also providing that valuable, investigative tracing capability and lens for all of our commands across all of our businesses, whether they're national security-related, child protection, cyber – or the ability to trace cryptocurrency transactions across the relevant blockchains is important."

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