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9 Benefits of Decentralized Marketing

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Marketing fundamentals have changed dramatically over the last decade, even more so over these previous two years. Many agencies are working off of a decentralized marketing structure, using the power of the blockchain to deliver better content and reach their target audience.

In this blog, I look at nine benefits of decentralized marketing and how it works and changes how business functions everywhere.

1. More Specialized Marketing Gurus

The power of decentralized marketing structures is that in-house marketing staff will outsource work and have more time to perfect their skillset. This change means that more agencies have the chance to start popping up that specialize in specific segments of marketing, rather than one centralized department doing everything.

2. Localized Teams

Decentralized marketing is a welcomed change for mom-and-pop marketing agencies or small start-ups. The more localized a marketing team is, the better it can understand the local community and connect with its target audience. Marketing agencies can be nimbler and more flexible when there are sudden changes in audience behaviors or tastes.

3. More Customization

A decentralized marketing structure can tailor campaigns for specific brands, cutting-edge products, or audiences. The most significant part is small-time market agencies' opportunity to offer creative content ideas that captivate the target audience.

4. Quicker Content Creation

The biggest issue is how long it can take for content creation for digital marketing. A decentralized marketing structure could change all that. Agencies could quickly produce quality content with different pockets of specialized teams. Letting each team have freedom can lead to huge benefits, excellent content, and unique brand strategies.

5. Big Brands Partnerships

Smaller agencies still trying to make a name for themselves can benefit from partnerships with well-known big brands. A decentralized marketing structure can give these up-in-coming agencies access to long-term relations with massive global brands.

6. More Chances for Creativity

Decentralized marketers will have the chance to get more creative and try unconventional ideas that might have been laughed at in the years before. Marketers will be put into smaller teams by business unit, local area, or marketing channel (social media, email, ads, etc.), developing content that customers in a specific segment will love and want more.

7. Innovation All the Way

The killer of innovation is the tiresome process of getting executives to approve specific ideas. Often, when a marketing campaign or strategy is finally given the go-ahead, it looks different from the original idea. What decentralized marketing will change is that it will give agencies the power to be innovative, no more having to ask for permission from a never-ending chain of command.

8. Better Time Management

While the new norm of a decentralized marketing structure begins to take over, brands and digital marketers rely less on in-person meetings. Marketers can spend their time crafting incredible campaigns rather than endure boring and drawn-out meetings that don't do much.

9. The Rise of Virtual Agencies

The rise of remote work and the pandemic outbreak have forced many companies to change how they do business, including where they do business. Many marketing agencies are beginning to move from a brick-and-mortar business model to working remotely and operating as a virtual business with no concrete storefront.

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