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The Future of Gaming on the Blockchain: VisionGame

Most people's minds go right to Bitcoin and finance regarding blockchain. But the truth is there's so much more to the blockchain; the gaming world is one of the industries set to see massive disruption soon. What seems to be a sure thing is that the video gaming industry is set to be rocked over the next couple of years and decades.

The Back Story of VisionGame

In recent years, blockchain games have experienced extraordinary engagement among gamers, with deeper blockchain integrations and new economic models that could reward participants, compensating them with valuable tokens and other items in trade for playing: a Play-to-Earn approach.

This new gaming category leads to a new era in the gaming industry that traditionally relies on players' spending to win campaigns and modes. As blockchain's technical potentials and functions become even more valuable to game developers, the complexity of integrating them into their products grows.

More on VisionGame

The drawbacks of development complexity were felt not just by developers but also by users. Despite the impressive capabilities of blockchain, the additional know-how and resources interfere with creating the perfect gameplay experience. Users must undergo an extensive and confusing onboarding process, requiring an upfront payment.

On the other hand, it dramatically reduces the number of users who can shift from enjoying what they're watching to genuinely playing the game: Only players who know about the crypto realm would meet the requirements to begin their adventure.

VisionGame seeks to resolve most of these problems by making any complex blockchain integration easier to manage, allowing users to navigate the onboarding process, and helping game development companies raise funds and integrate blockchain technologies.

How it Works

The Vision SDK sits among your game and all those annoying blockchain functions, doing the drudge work for you. The Enjin-powered decentralized core layer provides your users secure and reliable access to their NFTs, guaranteeing that every in-game product they own does have a floor value.

Furthermore, a modern, highly secure wallet will make user onboarding easier. A secure authentication system will give instant access to your game's integrating, ever-growing user base, offering you an organic download pool.

A New Way of Fundraising

Brand Tokens can empower any user to help the business actively: once issued, users can endorse the firm they choose. Customers can purchase them using the $VISION Token and any Genesis NFTs your organization decides to launch.

Brand Tokens attract a more comprehensive menu of opportunities than conventional pre-sales through NFTs, potentially becoming valuable in-game items later. Not only can consumers choose where to invest their tokens at a later date, but firms can also offer unique opportunities to invest in them.

The Future Looks Bright

What seems to be sure is that VisionGame is a complete game-changer for video games. Blockchain will likely reshape the industry we know, making it unrecognizable shortly. The future looks bright for the gaming landscape.

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