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Study Shows the Most Googled Question in the Blockchain Space: "What is Cryptocurrency?"

Recent trends show that cryptocurrency is already beginning to revolutionize the personal finance world; a study by Crypto Wallet found that one of the most popular questions Googled about this area is "What is cryptocurrency?"

In this report, Crypto Wallet reports that "What is cryptocurrency is by far the most asked question, with 121,000 average monthly searches, followed by "What is crypto?" with 31,000 average monthly searches, for a total of 152,000 searches each month made by people wondering about this "mysterious" asset."

Following this announced study, a Crypto Wallet spokesperson illustrated this point by saying: "As the world enters a new era of personal finance and crypto is changing the way we might see money and spending, people want to be as informed as possible, either keeping up with changing times, investing actual time and effort into crypto or just due to curiosity towards a relatively new and fascinating phenomenon."

"This question can be more topical and time-sensitive, as people might wonder what is happening within the crypto market at given times, and why a certain cryptocurrency might be crashing can vary."

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