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MetaMask's Latest Beta Portfolio dApp to Has Access to Cryptos and NFTs

Some big announcements come out of MetaMask, with their latest beta portfolio dApp allowing users to view their NFTs and crypto simultaneously. The true beauty of this new update is that users can link their accounts and crypto investments through one interface.

Currently, users can access this option as a web browser extension or on their mobile device. First, users must click the "portfolio" link on their browser's extension main page, which will provide a connection between multiple accounts.

This beat portfolio dApp is available on seven blockchain networks: Ethereum, Optimism, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Abritrum, and Avalanche. On top of that, users can also add their friend's ENS domain or public address to their watchlist, adding several tokens to their wallet. MetaMasks has shared that this new release already has over 30 million active monthly users (MAUs).

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