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McKinsey: Metaverse is a $5 Trillion Opportunity, But Some Areas Still Unstable

McKinsey, the major consulting player, states the metaverse has the potential to be one of the greatest creators of wealth in the coming years. In a recent report, McKinsey illustrates this point, explaining that by 2030, the metaverse could be worth $4 to $5 trillion with its unique niches and sectors.

The report says, "We estimate it may have a market impact of between $2 trillion and $2.6 trillion on e-commerce by 2030, depending on whether a base or upside case is realized. Similarly, we estimate it to have an impact of $180 billion to $270 billion on the academic virtual learning market, a $144 billion to $206 billion impact on the advertising market, and a $108 billion to $125 billion impact on the advertising impacts on the gaming market. "

However, McKinsey feels that the virtual real estate sector will remain an area within the blockchain umbrella that will stay reasonably volatile for the foreseeable future. As scarcity drives this area, users can see their investments snowball and fall as fast if the demand for these assets shifts overnight.

That said, McKinsey is still bullish on the metaverse and feels we will see a greater adoption across different industries, various countries, and new applications everywhere in the coming years. The future should be enjoyable.

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