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Coin Bureau's Prediction on the Latest Ethereum Merge

Before I say anything else, this huge Ethereum merge is essentially an upgrade to its blockchain, which enables it to handle new technologies such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Recently, the ever-popular Coin Bureau analyst, known as Guy, is telling his over 2 million followers that this new Ethereum upgrade could probably help to ignite some final rallies, nicely capping off this year.

Here Guy states, "I think we are pretty likely to see an ETH merge this year; that's based on the fact that the devs are comfortable enough to put it in the diary for September, even assuming there were one or two bugs and it was pushed back again, there are still three months as a buffer for the remainder of the year. When the merge does finally occur, we're likely to see a rally in the price of ETH."

Along with his above statement, Guy goes further, sharing that Ethereum's price might decline in the short-run once a good chunk of investors bail on the crypto and sell their portions to focus on the two upcoming updates. When it comes to the long-term, Guy remains optimistic when it comes to Ethereum, with the power to change decentralized finance.

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